Here's my (growing) list of things I'd love to accomplish.

1. Become a licensed hair-stylist.
2. Get married / Have kids.
3. Go on a road trip across the country.
4. Join a Big Brother/Sister program.
5. Travel to Europe.
6. Buy my own home.
7. Treat my parents to a vacation.
8. Host a Holiday dinner.
9. Spend an entire day at the movies.
10. Go skydiving.
11. Absolutely no clothes shopping for 12 months.
12. Eat gluten free for two months straight.
13. Teach a fitness class.
14. Sit front row at a concert.
15. Let go of things I've held onto from the past.
16. Make my own fabric headboard.
17. Learn how to sew again.
18. Paint my own canvas.
19. Go to a wedding (never been!)
20. Scrapbook major life events.
21. Move to a new place for a year.
22. Ride on a motorcycle.
23. Spend a summer on the beach.
24. Read 1 book a week.
25. Volunteer with kids in need.
26. Safari in Africa.
27. Learn how to Ski.
28. Take a trip on a train.
29. Learn how to knit.

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